Europe Tips

Start with the End in Mind

I start every trip, big or small, with the end in mind.

Food and Water

I generally like to minimise the number of times I eat in restaurants. But if that is your goal, then what follows still applies.


I use offline google maps. Sometimes I also use (it depends on the country).

Using Trains

I use The Trainline . com 

Car Hire

If I hire a car , then I use the German Website

Booking a Hotel

For short trips I use and I look at Google Maps 

For longer stays I will look at Airbnb.


I want good photos, so I make a list of the places I want to photograph

I combine all of the three items below into a list that I save in google docs and download as a pdf so that I can look at it offline on my phoen and I also bookmark them on google maps.


I take the most precautions when I am the most likely to loose everything.


Whenever possible, I will use Uber or a local taxi app above any official yellow (or whatever official colour it is) taxi that I need to hail. This is because I have been cheated so often on official taxis, but hardly ever on Uber. Also, in some countries, local taxis work together to plan robberies. This is much less common on app taxis.

If there is a bus or train available I will use that. But I also research if busses and trains are safe because this is not always the case.

I will use the hotel or apartment safe if possible  - statistically the hotel is just one place to rob, but if I have my passport or wallet with me, I present many opportunities for robbery. Nonetheless, when I go out, I also carry photocopies of my passport with me hidden in my belt. 

When I am in a situation where I have everything with me:

I have three money belts. 

When I have stored my stuff in the hotel or apartment:

In places where I do not feel secure, I do not go out in the evenings if at all possible. But I will go out early in the mornings, even in less secure areas, as long as I have almost nothing with me. Most dangerous crime happens in the evenings. In the very early mornings, most people like to sleep. 

H.A.L.T. & S

I make a specific point of avoiding, as much as possible

Why: This makes travel so much more enjoyable and also safer (a clouded mind is always closer to accidents)

Budget Airlines

I fly easyJet and Ryanair too and wizzair. 

What I tend to do, is do my first booking with the cheapest option i.e. no extra baggage, no priority lane, no seats booked. Then I add only the items that I really want afterwards, and usually close to the day that I fly. It is almost always much cheaper that way. 

Also, booking far in advance makes a big price difference. I just booked a round trip flight from Mulhouse to Moldova for 55Euros, for six months time. 

I often start out with a reverse search: I On google flights, I put in my destination as if I am leaving from there, and then I leave the destination open and search for one way only and for non stop. That way I can see all the airports nearby to where I live where there are direct flights. I did not even know that Mulhouse had an airport until Î did a reverse search on Chisinau.