Traveler's Diarrhea 

The three most common causes of traveler's diarrhea are:

In most cases, the contamination in food or water that causes traveler's diarrhea comes from feces. Here's a breakdown:

It's important to note that feces itself isn't the only source of contamination. Contaminated hands can also transfer bacteria, viruses, and parasites to food. This can happen during food preparation by someone who hasn't washed their hands properly after using the restroom, or even from travelers themselves who don't practice good hand hygiene.


I keep an eye out for good water filters because they can save me money and save me from getting travelers diarrhea.

Here is my latest research, that I am happy to share. I am not a scientist and I am not making recommendations, so please also do your own research.

This is what I want to filter out of my drinking water.

For example, If I am in a country where the water is treated for bacteria and viruses then I want a filter that removes chlorine and if possible lead.

Some main contenders and what they filter